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Active Control of Photon Recycling for Tunable Optoelectronic Materials, Y. Xu, E. M. Tennyson, J. Kim, S. Barik, J. Murray, E. Waks, M. S. Leite, and J. N. Munday , Advanced Optical Materials (2018)
Cavity-enhanced optical readout of a single solid-state spin, S. Sun, H. Kim, G. S. Solomon, and E. Waks , Physical Review Applied, 9 (2018)
Coupling Quantum Emitters in WSe2 Monolayers to a Metal-Insulator-Metal Waveguide, S. Dutta, T. Cai, M. Atabey Buyukkaya, S. Barik, S. Aghaeimeibodi, and E. Waks , Applied Physics Letters, 113 (2018)
Humidity-Induced Photoluminescence Hysteresis in Variable Cs/Br Ratio Hybrid Perovskites, J. M. Howard, E. M. Tennyson, S. Barik, R. Szostak, E. Waks, M. F. Toney, A. F. Nogueira, B. R. A. Neves, and M. S. Leite , The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9, 3463-3469 (2018)
Integration of Quantum Dots with Lithium Niobate Photonics, S. Aghaeimeibodi, B. Desiatov, J. Kim, C-M. Lee, M. Atabey Buyukkaya, A. Karasahin, C. J. K. Richardson, R. P. Leavitt, M. Loncar, and E. Waks , Applied Physics Letters, 113, 221102 (2018)
Radiative enhancement of single quantum emitters in WSe2 monolayers using site-controlled metallic nano-pillars, T. Cai, J-H. Kim, Z. Yang, S. Dutta, S. Aghaeimeibodi, and E. Waks , ACS Photonics, 5 (2018)
A topological quantum optics interface, S. Barik, A. Karasahin, C. Flower, T. Cai, H. Miyake, W. DeGottardi, M. Hafezi, and E. Waks , Science, 359, 666–668 (2018)