• Topological edge states in silicon photonics
  • Quantum Network using Graphene Plasmons
  • Parametric thermalization
  • Testing noise inequality for classical forces
  • Quantum control of solid-state spin

Welcome to the Taylor Research Group

Advances in our understanding of quantum mechanics enables new technological and physical investigations that examine the fundamental connection between emergent behavior of quantum systems and computational complexity. Currently it seems that there is a discrepancy between what nature makes easy and hard: classical physics and quantum mechanics disagree on this point. Thus measurement is easy in classical systems and difficult in quantum systems, while certain computational problems, such as simulating quantum systems and factoring large numbers, appear to be easier for quantum systems than classical systems.  Our group works towards a deeper understanding of this classical-quantum divide, hoping to determine a constructive approach towards larger and larger quantum systems.  We focus on three main research areas: hybrid quantum systems, applications of quantum information science, and fundamental questions about the limits of quantum and classical behavior.

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