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Presence versus absence of two-dimensional Fermi surface anomalies

TitlePresence versus absence of two-dimensional Fermi surface anomalies
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsD. Buterakos, DD. Vu, J. Yu, and S. Das Sarma
JournalPhys. Rev. B
Date PublishedMAY 28
Type of ArticleArticle

We theoretically consider Fermi surface anomalies manifesting in the temperature-dependent quasiparticle properties of two-dimensional (2D) interacting electron systems, comparing and contrasting with the corresponding three-dimensional (3D) Fermi liquid situation. In particular, employing microscopic many-body perturbative techniques, we obtain analytically the leading-order and the next-to-leading-order interaction corrections to the renormalized effective mass for three distinct physical interaction models: electron-phonon, electron-paramagnon, and electron-electron Coulomb coupling. We find that the 2D renormalized effective mass does not develop any Fermi surface anomaly due to electron-phonon interaction, manifesting O(T-2) temperature correction and thus remaining consistent with the Sommerfeld expansion of the noninteracting Fermi function, in contrast to the corresponding 3D situation where the temperature correction to the renormalized effective mass has the anomalous T-2 log T behavior. In contrast, both electron-paramagnon and electron-electron interactions lead to the anomalous O(T) corrections to the 2D effective mass renormalization in contrast to T-2 log T behavior in the corresponding 3D interacting systems. We provide detailed analytical results, and comment on the conditions under which a T-2 log T term could possibly arise in the 2D quasiparticle effective mass from electron-phonon interactions. We also compare results for the temperature-dependent specific heat in the interacting 2D and 3D Fermi systems, using the close connection between the effective mass and specific heat.