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Nonequilibrium Aspects of Integrable Models

TitleNonequilibrium Aspects of Integrable Models
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsC. Rylands, and N. Andrei
EditorMC. Marchetti, and AP. Mackenzie
Book TitleAnnual Review of Condensed Matter Physics
Series TitleAnnual {Review} of {Condensed} {Matter} {Physics}
Keywordsintegrability, quantum work, quench dynamics, RG flow in time

Driven by breakthroughs in experimental and theoretical techniques, the study of nonequilibrium quantum physics is a rapidly expanding field with many exciting new developments. Among themanifold ways the topic can be investigated, one-dimensional systems provide a particularly fine platform. The trifecta of strongly correlated physics, powerful theoretical techniques, and experimental viability have resulted in a flurry of research activity over the past decade or so. In this review, we explore the nonequilibrium aspects of one-dimensional systems that are integrable. Through a number of illustrative examples, we discuss nonequilibrium phenomena that arise in such models, the role played by integrability, and the consequences these have for more generic systems.