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Marginally localized edges of time-reversal symmetric topological superconductors

TitleMarginally localized edges of time-reversal symmetric topological superconductors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsY-Z. Chou, and R. M. Nandkishore
JournalPhys. Rev. B
Date Publishedfeb

We demonstrate that the one-dimensional helical Majorana edges of two-dimensional time-reversal symmetric topological superconductors (class DIII) can become gapless and insulating by a combination of random edge velocity and interaction. Such a gapless insulating edge breaks time-reversal symmetry inhomogeneously, and the local symmetry broken regions can be regarded as static mass potentials or dynamical Ising spins. In both limits, we find that such gapless insulating Majorana edges are generically exponentially localized and trap Majorana zero modes. Interestingly, for a statistically time-reversal symmetric edge (symmetry is broken locally, but the symmetry breaking order parameter is zero on average), the low-energy theory can be mapped to a Dyson model at zero energy, manifesting a diverging density of states and exhibiting marginal localization (i.e., a diverging localization length). Although the ballistic edge state transport is absent, the localized Majorana zero modes reflect the nontrivial topology in the bulk. Experimental signatures are also discussed.