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Chiral supercurrent through a quantum Hall weak link

TitleChiral supercurrent through a quantum Hall weak link
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsY. Alavirad, J. Lee, Z-X. Lin, and J. D. Sau
Date PublishedDEC 6

We use an effective model to calculate properties of the supercurrent carried by chiral edge states of a quantum Hall weak link. This ``chiral{''} supercurrent is qualitatively distinct from the usual Josephson supercurrent in that it cannot be mediated by a single edge alone, i.e., both right- and left-going edges are needed. Moreover, the chiral supercurrent was previously shown to obey an unusual current-phase relation with period 2 phi(0) = h/e, which is twice the period of conventional Josephson junctions. We show that the ``chiral{''} nature of this supercurrent is sharply defined, and is robust to interactions to infinite order in perturbation theory. We compare our results with recent experimental findings {[}Amet et al., Science 352 966 (2016)] and find that quantitative agreement in the magnitude of the supercurrent can be attained by making reasonable but critical assumptions about the superconductor quantum Hall interface.