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Journal Article
Density-Dependent Spin Polarization in Ultra-Low-Disorder Quantum Wires, D. Reilly, T. Buehler, J. O’Brien, A. Hamilton, A. Dzurak, R. Clark, B. Kane, L. Pfeiffer, and K. West , Physical Review Letters, 89 (2002)
Detection of a single-charge defect in a metal-oxide-semiconductor structure using vertically coupled Al and Si single-electron transistors, L. Sun, and B. Kane , Physical Review B, 80 (2009)
Experimental determination of the B-T phase diagram of YBa2Cu3O7-δ to 150 T for B⊥c, J. O’Brien, H. Nakagawa, A. Dzurak, R. Clark, B. Kane, N. Lumpkin, R. Starrett, N. Miura, E. Mitchell, J. Goettee, et al. , Physical Review B, 61, 1584 - 1587 (2000)
Hydrogenic Spin Quantum Computing in Silicon: A Digital Approach, A. Skinner, M. Davenport, and B. Kane , Physical Review Letters, 90 (2003)
Integer Quantum Hall Effect on a Six-Valley Hydrogen-Passivated Silicon (111) Surface, K. Eng, R. McFarland, and B. Kane , Physical Review Letters, 99 (2007)
Levitated spinning graphene flakes in an electric quadrupole ion trap, B. Kane , Physical Review B, 82 (2010)
Many-body spin-related phenomena in ultra low-disorder quantum wires, D. Reilly, G. Facer, A. Dzurak, B. Kane, R. Clark, P. Stiles, R. Clark, A. Hamilton, J. O’Brien, N. Lumpkin, et al. , Physical Review B, 63, 121311 (2001)
Quantum measurement of coherent tunneling between quantum dots, H. Wiseman, D. Utami, H. Sun, G. Milburn, B. Kane, A. Dzurak, and R. Clark , Physical Review B, 63, 235308 (2001)
Single-spin measurement using single-electron transistors to probe two-electron systems, B. Kane, N. McAlpine, A. Dzurak, R. Clark, G. Milburn, H. Sun, and H. Wiseman , Physical Review B, 61, 2961 - 2972 (2000)
Temperature-dependent transport in a sixfold degenerate two-dimensional electron system on a H-Si(111) surface, R. McFarland, T. Kott, L. Sun, K. Eng, and B. Kane , Physical Review B, 80, 161310 (2009)
Towards the fabrication of phosphorus qubits for a silicon quantum computer, J. O’Brien, S. Schofield, M. Simmons, R. Clark, A. Dzurak, N. Curson, B. Kane, N. McAlpine, M. Hawley, and G. Brown , Physical Review B, 64, 161401 (2001)