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Chiral Quantum Optics Using a Topological Resonator, S. Barik, A. Karasahin, S. Mittal, E. Waks, and M. Hafezi , Phys. Rev. B, 101, 205303 (2020) PDF icon PhysRevB.101.205303.pdf (3.95 MB)
Engineering Quantum Hall Phases in Synthetic Bilayer Graphene System, Z-P. Cian, T. Grass, A. Vaezi, Z. Liu, and M. Hafezi , arXiv:2005.13569 (2020) PDF icon main.pdf (3.46 MB)
Extraction of many-body Chern number from a single wave function, H. Dehghani, Z-P. Cian, M. Hafezi, and M. Barkeshli , arXiv:2005.13677 (2020) PDF icon PRB__many_body_Chern_number_measurement (1).pdf (6.87 MB)
Many-body Chern number from statistical correlations of randomized measurements, Z-P. Cian, H. Dehghani, A. Elben, B. Vermersch, G. Zhu, M. Barkeshli, P. Zoller, and M. Hafezi , arXiv:2005.13543 (2020) PDF icon PRL__Many_body_Chern_number.pdf (3.69 MB)
Optical enhancement of superconductivity via targeted destruction of charge density waves, H. Dehghani, Z. M. Raines, V. M. Galitski, and M. Hafezi , Phys. Rev. B, 101, 224506 (2020) PDF icon PhysRevB.101.224506.pdf (1.3 MB)
Quantum origami: Transversal gates for quantum computation and measurement of topological order, G. Zhu, M. Hafezi, and M. Barkeshli , Phys. Rev. Research, 2, 013285 (2020) PDF icon PhysRevResearch.2.013285.pdf (3.49 MB)
Tunable quantum interference using a topological source of indistinguishable photon pairs, V. Vikram Orre, S. Mittal, E. A. Goldschmidt, and M. Hafezi , arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.03084 (2020) PDF icon 2006.03084.pdf (1.06 MB)
Round the bend with microwaves, S. Mittal, and M. Hafezi , Nature News & Views, 522, 292 (2015) PDF icon nature14533.pdf (498.01 KB)