TitleTunable quantum interference using a topological source of indistinguishable photon pairs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsV. Vikram Orre, S. Mittal, E. A. Goldschmidt, and M. Hafezi
JournalarXiv preprint arXiv:2006.03084

Sources of quantum light, in particular correlated photon pairs that are indistinguishable in all degrees of freedom, are the fundamental resource that enables continuous-variable quantum computation and paradigms such as Gaussian boson sampling. Nanophotonic systems offer a scalable platform for implementing sources of indistinguishable photon pairs. However, such sources have so far relied on the use of a single component, such as a single waveguide or a ring resonator, which offers limited ability to tune the spectral and temporal correlations between photons. Here, we demonstrate the use of a topological photonic system comprising a two-dimensional array of ring resonators to generate indistinguishable photon pairs with dynamically tunable spectral and temporal correlations. Specifically, we realize dual-pump spontaneous four-wave mixing in this array of silicon ring resonators that exhibits topological edge states. We show that the linear dispersion of the edge states over a broad bandwidth allows us to tune the correlations, and therefore, quantum interference between photons by simply tuning the two pump frequencies in the edge band. Furthermore, we demonstrate energy-time entanglement between generated photons and show that our topological source is inherently protected against fabrication disorders. Our results pave the way for scalable and tunable sources of squeezed light that are indispensable for quantum information processing using continuous variables.

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