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Anisotropic exciton transport in transition-metal dichalcogenides, A. Ghazaryan, M. Hafezi, and P. Ghaemi , Physical Review B, 97, 245411 (2018) PDF icon PhysRevB.97.245411.pdf (784.68 KB)
Anyonic interferometry and protected memories in atomic spin lattices, L. Jiang, G. K. Brennen, A. V. Gorshkov, K. Hammerer, M. Hafezi, E. Demler, M. D. Lukin, and P. Zoller , Nature Physics, 4, 482–488 (2008) PDF icon nphys943.pdf (736.39 KB)
Atomic interface between microwave and optical photons, M. Hafezi, Z. Kim, S. L. Rolston, L. A. Orozco, B. L. Lev, and J. M. Taylor , Phys. Rev. A, 85, 020302 (2012) PDF icon physreva.85.020302.pdf (1.14 MB)
Atoms talking to SQUIDs, J. E. Hoffman, J. A. Grover, Z. Kim, A. K. Wood, J. R. Anderson, A. J. Dragt, M. Hafezi, C. J. Lobb, L. A. Orozco, S. L. Rolston, et al. , arXiv:1108.4153 (2011) PDF icon 1108.4153v2.pdf (7.97 MB)
Cavity Higgs-Polaritons, Z. M. Raines, A. A. Allocca, M. Hafezi, and V. M. Galitski , Phys. Rev. Research , 2, 013143 (2020) PDF icon PhysRevResearch.2.013143.pdf (634.61 KB)
Cavity Quantum Eliashberg Enhancement of Superconductivity, J. B. Curtis, Z. M. Raines, A. A. Allocca, M. Hafezi, and V. M. Galitski , Phys. Rev. Lett., 122 , 167002 (2019) PDF icon PhysRevLett.122.167002.pdf (634.71 KB)
Characterization of topological states on a lattice with Chern number, M. Hafezi, A. S. Sørensen, M. D. Lukin, and E. Demler , EPL (Europhysics Letters), 81, 10005 (2008) PDF icon 0295-5075_81_1_10005.pdf (426.47 KB)
A chemical potential for light by parametric coupling, M. Hafezi, P. Adhikari, and J. M. Taylor , Phys. Rev. B, 92, 174305 (2015) PDF icon PhysRevB.92.174305.pdf (541.65 KB)
Chiral Quantum Optics Using a Topological Resonator, S. Barik, A. Karasahin, S. Mittal, E. Waks, and M. Hafezi , Phys. Rev. B, 101, 205303 (2020) PDF icon PhysRevB.101.205303.pdf (3.95 MB)
Collective Phases of Strongly Interacting Cavity Photons, R. Wilson, K. Mahmud, A. Hu, A. Gorshkov, M. Hafezi, and M. Foss-Feig , Phys. Rev A, 94, 033801 (2016) PDF icon PhysRevA.94.033801.pdf (866.37 KB)
Constrained Dynamics via the Zeno Effect in Quantum Simulation: Implementing Non-Abelian Lattice Gauge Theories with Cold Atoms, K. Stannigel, P. Hauke, D. Marcos, M. Hafezi, S. Diehl, M. Dalmonte, and P. Zoller , Phys. Rev. Lett., 112, 120406 (2014) PDF icon physrevlett.112.120406 (2).pdf (7.5 MB)
Efficient All-Optical Switching Using Slow Light within a Hollow Fiber, M. Bajcsy, S. Hofferberth, V. Balic, T. Peyronel, M. Hafezi, A. S. Zibrov, V. Vuletic, and M. D. Lukin , Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 203902 (2009) PDF icon physrevlett.102.203902.pdf (875.84 KB)
Emergent equilibrium in many-body optical bistability, M. Foss-Feig, P. Niroula, J. T. Young, M. Hafezi, A. V. Gorshkov, R. M. Wilson, and M. F. Maghrebi , Phys. Rev. A, 95, 043826 (2017) PDF icon PhysRevA.95.043826.pdf (1.49 MB)
Engineering Quantum Hall Phases in Synthetic Bilayer Graphene System, Z-P. Cian, T. Grass, A. Vaezi, Z. Liu, and M. Hafezi , arXiv:2005.13569 (2020) PDF icon main.pdf (3.46 MB)
Engineering three-body interaction and Pfaffian states in circuit QED systems, M. Hafezi, P. Adhikari, and J. Taylor , Phys. Rev. B. Rapid, 90, 060503 (2014) PDF icon physrevb.90.060503.pdf (568.06 KB)
Extraction of many-body Chern number from a single wave function, H. Dehghani, Z-P. Cian, M. Hafezi, and M. Barkeshli , arXiv:2005.13677 (2020) PDF icon PRB__many_body_Chern_number_measurement (1).pdf (6.87 MB)
Fractional quantum Hall effect in optical lattices, M. Hafezi, A. S. Sørensen, E. Demler, and M. D. Lukin , Phys. Rev. A, 76, 023613 (2007) PDF icon physreva.76.023613.pdf (1.05 MB)
Fractional Quantum Hall States of Rydberg Polaritons, M. F. Maghrebi, N. Y. Yao, M. Hafezi, T. Pohl, O. Firstenberg, and A. V. Gorshkov , Phys. Rev. A, 91, 033838 (2015) PDF icon PhysRevA.91.033838.pdf (430.19 KB)
Guiding and confining of light in a two-dimensional synthetic space using electric fields, H. Chalabi, S. Barik, S. Mittal, T. E. Murphy, M. Hafezi, and E. Waks , Optica, 7, 506–513 (2020) PDF icon optica-7-5-506 (1).pdf (2.82 MB)
Hardware-efficient fermionic simulation with a cavity-QED system, G. Zhu, Y. Subasi, J. D. Whitfield, and M. Hafezi , npj Quantum Information, 4 (2018) PDF icon 1707.04760.pdf (7.57 MB)
High-Order Multipole Radiation from Quantum Hall States in Dirac Materials, M. J. Gullans, J. M. Taylor, A. Imamoglu, P. Ghaemi, and M. Hafezi , Phys. Rev. B , 95, 235439 (2017) PDF icon PhysRevB.95.235439.pdf (847.44 KB)
Hilbert-Space Fragmentation from Strict Confinement, Z-C. Yang, F. Liu, A. V. Gorshkov, and T. Iadecola , Physical Review Letters, 124, 207602 (2020) PDF icon PhysRevLett.124.207602.pdf (558.49 KB)
Imaging topological edge states in silicon photonics, M. Hafezi, S. Mittal, J. Fan, A. Migdall, and J. M. Taylor , Nature Photonics, 7, 1001 - 1005 (2013) PDF icon nphoton.2013.pdf (4.13 MB)
Induced self-stabilization in fractional quantum Hall states of light, E. Kapit, M. Hafezi, and S. Simon , Phys. Rev. X, 4, 031039 (2014) PDF icon physrevx.4.031039.pdf (890.1 KB)
Interference of multiple temporally distinguishable photons using frequency-resolved detection, V. Vikram Orre, E. A. Goldschmidt, A. Deshpande, A. V. Gorshkov, V. Tamma, M. Hafezi, and S. Mittal , Phys. Rev. Lett., 123, 123603 (2019) PDF icon PhysRevLett.123.123603.pdf (893.7 KB)