A topological quantum optics interface appeared in Science

The application of topology in optics has led to a new paradigm in developing photonic devices with robust properties against disorder. Although considerable progress on topological phenomena has been achieved in the classical domain, the realization of strong light-matter coupling in the quantum domain remains unexplored. We experimentally demonstrated a strong interface between single quantum emitters and topological photonic states. Our approach created robust counterpropagating edge states at the boundary of two distinct topological photonic crystals. We demonstrate the chiral emission of a quantum emitter into these modes and establish their robustness against sharp bends. This approach may enable the development of quantum optics devices with built-in protection, with potential applications in quantum simulation and sensing.


This work is published in Science 359, 666(2018) and covered in this Perspective. More news coverage in Nature Research Highlights, Physics World and JQI press release by Dr. Emily Edwards. 

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