Photonic Anomalous Quantum Hall Effect featured in APS Physics

Topological protection allows realization of integrated photonic devices that are robust against certain fabrication-induced disorder. However, it is usually challenging to achieve device reconfigurability along with topological robustness. We recently proposed the design of reconfigurable topological photonic device using anomalous Hall effect. Now, in a recent published article in PRL, we realize a topological device which can be reconfigured in a two-dimension(2D) array of coupled ring resonators fabricated on silicon-on-insulator platform. Our design implements a Haldane-like model in that the net gauge flux threading the lattice is zero, but the next-nearest neighbor couplings induce nonzero gauge flux opening a topologically nontrivial band gap. We demonstrate a topological phase transition by frequency detuning the rings and show potential reconfigurability of the device.

The article has been featured in APS Physics.

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