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A Trapped Ion Quantum Simulator for Two-Dimensional Spin System

August 18, 2022 - 3:00pm
Yuanheng Xie
Indiana University, Bloomington
Abstract: Quantum simulations of complex materials address fundamental problems that cannot be analytically solved due to the exponential scaling of the Hilbert space with increasing particle number. Simulations using trapped ions have had remarkable success investigating one-dimensional quantum interacting spin models, and we seek to extend these ideas to two dimensions by exploiting new crystal geometries in a rf Paul trap. This 2d quantum simulation will allow us to address open questions related to geometric frustration, ground states and dynamics of long-range spin models, and quantum spin liquids. To characterize the variety of different ion geometries, we present an experimental study which establishes radial-2D crystals as a robust platform for quantum simulation, through characterization of ion positions, structural phases, normal mode frequencies, and effects from rf heating. What’s more, we examine other challenges faced by trapped ion systems: optimally cooling to the motional ground state, accurately determining ion temperature, and measuring susceptibility to the presence of ionizing radiation. 
Location: PSC 1136