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Grating Magneto-Optical Traps for Strontium

July 13, 2022 - 10:00am
Peter Knox Elgee

Dissertation Committee Chair: Steven L. Rolston,


Dr. Gretchen K. Campbell, Co-chair/Advisor

Professor Steven L. Rolston, Co-chair

Professor Mario Dagenais, Dean’s Representative

Professor Luis A. Orozco

Dr. James (Trey) V. Porto

Abstract:  This thesis describes the construction of a new laboratory and a new apparatus for ultracold strontium experiments. It also describes the creation of the first strontium grating magneto-optical trap (MOT). The new strontium apparatus has been improved to provide high, and controllable atomic flux, high magnetic field coils, low vacuum pressure, plenty of optical access, and a streamlined computer control system. This flexible apparatus is designed to operate several potential experiments.

Our work with strontium grating MOTs will help to enable the creation of compact, stable, and portable quantum devices that harness the unique capabilities of alkaline earth atoms. We present the construction of the grating MOT apparatus, the demonstration of the broad line strontium grating MOT, and the transfer to the narrow line grating MOT. In addition, we show the effectiveness of sawtooth wave adiabatic passage (SWAP) in the grating MOT geometry.

Lastly, we present work from the previous apparatus, measuring the isotope shifts on the clock and intercombination transitions in strontium.

Location: PSC 2136