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Many-body physics in long-range interacting quantum systems

December 8, 2017 - 4:00pm
Zhexuan Gong
JQI/QuICS and Colorado School of Mines

Condensed matter systems often have short-range interactions, and this locality of interactions has profound effects on the properties of both ground states and states created out of equilibrium. However, in numerous systems of current interest, ranging from frustrated magnets, spin glasses, and low-dimensional materials to various atomic, molecular, and optical systems, long-range interactions are ubiquitous and can lead to qualitatively new physics. In this talk, I will review recent theoretical and experimental work done at JQI on how long-range interactions can give rise to novel dynamical behaviors, exotic quantum phases, and significant speedups in quantum information processing. A number of challenging and important open questions will be given in the end.

PSC 2136