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Condensed Matter Theory Center FALL SYMPOSIUM

October 12, 2015 - 10:00am to October 16, 2015 - 1:00pm

PDF of Schedule

Monday, October 12 Dirac and Related Materials

10:00 AM  Jedediah Pixley  "The effects of disorder on Dirac and Weyl semi-metals"

10:45 AM  Mehdi Kargarian  "Surface states of Dirac semimetals"

11:30 AM  Robert Throckmorton  "Many-Body Effects and Ultraviolet Renormalization in 3D Dirac Materials"

12:15 PM  Hilary Hurst  "Charged Skyrmions on the Surface of a Topological Insulator"

Tuesday, October 13 Majorana and Topological Systems

10:00 AM  Ching-Kai Chiu  "Topological nodal lines"

10:45 AM  David Clarke  "Bell violations in Majorana wires"

11:30 AM  William Cole  "Effects of strong proximity coupling on semiconductor Majorana nanowires"

12:15 PM  Setiawan  "Conductance spectroscopy of topological superconductor wire junctions"

Wednesday, October 14 MBL, Interactions, and Correlations

10:00 AM  Dong-Ling Deng  "Exponential Orthogonality Catastrophe in Single-particle and Many-body Localized Systems"

10:45 AM  Xiaopeng Li  "Many-body Localization, Mobility Edge and a Non-Ergodic Metal Phase in a One Dimensional Incommensurate Lattice"

11:30 AM  Bitan Roy  "Phases and phase transitions in three dimensional parabolic semimetals: Application to 227 pyrochlore iridates"

12:15 PM  Juraj Radic  "Strong correlation effects in a two-dimensional Bose gas with quartic dispersion"

Thursday, October 15 Exotic Quantum Phases

10:00 AM  Yang-Le Wu  "Z4 parafermions in fractional quantum Hall bilayers"

10:45 AM  Xiao Li  "Quantum Hall effects in certain topological states of matter"

11:30 AM  Pallab Goswami  "HP1 gauge theory of deconfined quantum criticality in (2+1) dimensions"

12:15 PM  Andrew Allocca  "Quantum interference phenomena in the Casimir effect"

Friday, October 16 Bosons, Fermions, Cuprates, and Silicon

10:00 AM  Stefan Natu  "Spin-1 spin orbit coupled bosons in an optical lattice"

10:45 AM  Yang Song  "New tunneling magnetoresistance and Silicon spin relaxation"

11:30 AM  Dmitry Efimkin  "Moving solitons in a one-dimensional fermionic superfluid"

12:15 PM  Zach Raines  "Enhancement of superconductivity via periodic modulation in a three-dimensional model of cuprates"

2205 Toll Physics Building
College Park, MD 20742