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Effects of photo-neutralization on the emission properties of quantum dots

TitleEffects of photo-neutralization on the emission properties of quantum dots
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsT. Huber, A. Predojević, G. S. Solomon, and G. Weihs
JournalOpt. Express
Date PublishedSep
Keywords-wire and -dot devices, and noise, Fluctuations, Quantum optics, Quantum-well, relaxations

In this paper we investigate the coherence properties of a quantum dot used as photon pair source, under two-photon resonant excitation in combination with an additional photo-neutralization laser. The photo-neutralization increases the efficiency of the excitation process and thus, the brightness of the source, by a factor of approximately 1.5 for biexciton-exciton pairs. This enhancement does not degrade the relevant coherences in the system; neither the single photon coherence time, nor the coherence of the excitation process.


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