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Faster Pulse Sequences for Performing Arbitrary Rotations in Singlet-Triplet Qubits

April 21, 2017 - 12:10pm
Robert Throckmorton
We present new composite pulse sequences for performing arbitrary rotations in singlet-triplet qubits that are faster than existing sequences.  We consider two sequences for performing a z rotation, one that generalizes the Hadamard-x-Hadamard sequence, and another that generalizes a sequence by Guy Ramon (G. Ramon, Phys. Rev. B 84, 155329 (2011)).  We determine the time required to perform each sequence, and find that our "generalized Hadamard-x-Hadamard" sequence can always be made faster than the "generalized Ramon sequence".  We then present similar sequences for performing x rotations, one that generalizes the Hadamard-z-Hadamard sequence and another that is based on Ramon's z rotation sequence.  In this case, we find that the "Ramon-like" sequence is faster.  We also present sequences for performing other rotations.  We then find versions of these sequences dynamically corrected for noise-induced errors using SUPCODE (X. Wang et. al., PRA 89, 022310 (2014)).
Reference: C. Zhang, RET, X-C. Yang, X. Wang, E. Barnes, and S. Das Sarma, arXiv:1701.03796 (submitted to PRL), plus currently unpublished work
CSS 2115

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