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Realizing quantum advantage without entanglement in single-photon states

December 9, 2016 - 12:10pm
Alejandra Marcela Maldonado Trapp
Quantum Discord expresses quantum correlations beyond those associated with entanglement. Although its theory has been extensively studied, quantum discord has yet to become a standard tool in experimental studies of correlations. We propose an optical circuit for  attaining quantum measurement advantage in a system that has no quantum entanglement. Our device produces symmetric two-qubit X -states with controllable anti-diagonal elements, and does not require entangled states as input. We discuss the use of this device in a two-qubit quantum game. When entanglement is absent, the maximum quantum advantage in this game is 1/3 bit. A slightly diminished quantum advantage, 0.311 bit, can be realized with a simplified transaction protocol.

Lunch served at 12:00pm!

PSC 2136, MD 20742

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