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2016 Fall CMTC Symposium Day 1

December 7, 2016 -
11:10am to 5:20pm
Open for full schedule.

Spin Quantum Computation

  • 11:00 AM Robert Throckmorton, "Quantum fidelity in electron spin‐based semiconductor two‐qubit exchange gates"
  • 11:45 AM Yang Song, "Validity of the rotating‐wave approximation in semiconductor qubit systems and fast gate control beyond the RWA"
  • 12:30 Break

Weyl Semimetals and Topological Insulators

  • 1:30 PM Pallab Goswami, "Non‐Fermi liquid phases of topological semimetals"
  • 2:15 PM Mehdi Kargarian, "Amperean and time‐reversal‐symmetry‐breaking superconducting states in spin‐orbit coupled electron systems"
  • 3:00 PM Jed Pixley, "Avoided quantum criticality and single particle excitations in weakly disordered Weyl semimetals"
  • 3:45 PM Break

Many Body Localization

  • 4:00 PM Yang‐Le Wu, "Understanding analog quantum simulation dynamics in coupled ion‐trap qubits"
  • 4:45 PM Xiao Li, "Exploring non-ergodicity with atoms in an incommensurate optical super-lattice"
2205 John S. Toll Physics Building

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