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From a loophole-free Bell test to a quantum Internet

April 18, 2016 - 11:00am
Ron Hanson
QuTech and Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft
The realization of a highly connected network of qubit registers is a central challenge for quantum information processing and long-distance quantum communication. Diamond spins associated with NV centers are promising building blocks for such a network as they combine a coherent optical interface (similar to that of trapped atomic qubits) [1] with a local register of robust and well-controlled nuclear spin qubits [2]. We can now exploit these features simultaneously to achieve new functionalities such as unconditional remote quantum teleportation [3].
 Here we present our latest progress towards scalable quantum networks, including the first loophole-free violation of Bell’s inequalities [4]. Our Bell test is free of any experimental loopholes and thus directly tests the principles underlying the nature of reality. We create and exploit high-fidelity entanglement between diamond electron spins separated by more than 1 km, and combine this with efficient state detection to obtain a Bell violation.
 I will discuss how the techniques developed in these experiments may enable the realization of a network of quantum bit registers for quantum computation and communication. In the long run, such networks may lead to a quantum Internet secured through device-independent protocols – reaching the ultimate physical limits of privacy [5].
[1] H. Bernien et al., Nature 497, 86 (2013).
[2] T. H. Taminiau et al., Nature Comm (in press); arxiv:1508.01388.
[3] W. Pfaff et al., Science 345, 532 (2014).
[4] B. Hensen et al., Nature 526, 682 (2015).
[5] A. Ekert and R. Renner, Nature 507, 443 (2014).
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College Park, MD 20742

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