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CMOS platform for silicon spin qubits

April 11, 2016 - 11:00am
Silvano De Franceschi
Institut nanosciences et cryogenie

Among solid-state approaches to quantum computing devices, spin-based silicon quantum bits (qubits) are gaining increasing attention, especially after the recent achievement of long spin coherence times in nuclear-spin-free 28Si. At the same time, the enormous engineering know-how and fabrication capabilities of silicon microelectronics industry is foreseen as a clear asset in the challenging task of up-scaling silicon spin qubits toward complex quantum processors, possibly embedding co-integrated classical control electronics. Therefore, the implementation of silicon spin qubits on a foundry-compatible CMOS platform represents a compelling step. I will present our progress in this direction up to the first proof-of-concept spin-qubit device recently realized using 300-mm silicon-on-insulator technology.



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